A Visit To Milos Beach: Lefkada, Greece

The unique and unforgettable experience of visiting Milos Beach Ledkada is something that is almost hard to put into words. Spending time on this unspoiled gem simply revitalizes the soul and gives the word ‘beauty’ a brand new meaning.

Milos Beach Lefkada — An Untouched Pearl

Coastal view from above of Milos Beach Lefkada

It’s is located 14 km southwest of the city of Lefkas, right in the middle of Kathisma and Agios Nikitas. With the natural, unspoiled views, secluded nature, and the turquoise color of the water, it’s no wonder why people consider it to be one of the best beaches in the world.

It’s so secluded, in fact, that it makes for an excellent quiet time spot, and a place that’s dying to be photographed for Instagram! And I was lucky enough to visited this marvel not long ago, and consider it a must-see attraction for every travel enthusiast.

The Beauty of Milos Beach Lefkas

Being an adventurous traveler myself, I was left speechless at the beauty that is Milos Beach Lefkada. The idea of visiting a stray and untouched beach that hasn’t been manipulated by us humans was something I was dying to see… and it definitely did not disappoint!

This secluded beach provides one with relaxation that is hard to find anywhere else.

Milos Beach Lefkada Helena Girl Gone 001

Egremni Beach vs. Milos Beach

Before visiting Milos Beach, I had the idea that Egremni Beach would be the most peaceful and gorgeous location in Lefkada, since it can only be accessed by boat after it was affected by the earthquake in 2015.

However, after visiting Egremni Beach, I realized that it’s a lot smaller than Milos, and in fact, it’s a lot more crowded due to the number of boats that go out there every day.

Restaurants in Milos Beach Lefkada

Because this beach is so secluded, there aren’t any bars or restaurants on the beach itself.

If you do want to visit a restaurant, you can always take a taxi boat or climb the hill taking you to the small streets of Agios Nikitas Village. There, you’ll find several taverns, and a couple of small supermarkets and shops.

Restaurants near Milos Beach:

  • Asperous: this restaurant has a ton of five-star reviews on Trip Advisor, and is complimented for its authentic seafood cuisine, excellent service, and a romantic atmosphere. It is a mere four-minute drive from the beach.
  • T’agnantio: a place that has incredible views of sea, and fantastically fresh local meals, found five minutes away by car.
  • Klimataria Tavern: a spot that’s been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for four consecutive years, it goes without saying that this is a recommended place for some food and a drink, and just four minutes away from the beach.
  • Taverna Maistros: a restaurant fives minutes away from the beach by car that serves great food, has impeccable service and great views. Pop in for a sunset treat, a bit of relaxing, and a bite.

Sunset over Milos Beach Greece

Excellent Hotels Near Milos Beach Lefkada

Walking Directions To Milos Beach Lefkada

To walk to Milos Beach, you should start from the small road located in Agios Nikitas village. You’ll pass a tavern called Posidon on your left (which is permanently closed but the sign remains), and it is here that you’ll find the steep path that takes you up the hill, above the village.

After around 20 minutes, you’ll see a fantastic view of the village. As soon as you reach the top, you can enjoy the sights of the beach and the windmills located on the surrounding hills.

Then, you’re all set to enjoy the marvelous and unspoiled Milos beach and can experience a peaceful day like nowhere else in Lefkada.

Fun fact: People in Lefkada say that these windmills are the reason why this beach is called Milos Beach.

Drone view of Milos Beach Lefkada

Taxi Boat To Milos Beach Lefkada

If walking doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could opt to take a taxi boat instead. I recommend taking a taxi boat if you have a lot of things to carry, as walking up the hill isn’t so fun when you’ve got a ton of bags (trust me, I did it).

One thing to note however, you may just get wet while on the taxi boat (all part of the adventure though).

To get the taxi boat, you can buy your ticket for around seven Euro’s for adults and around half that price for kids, and there are 27 ferry ports connected to Milo Beach. The trip will last around 30 minutes, and you can buy your Milos Beach Ferry tickets online.

Best Spots for A Perfect View of Milos Beach Lefkada

Whether you do choose to take a taxi boat to the beach, once you arrive I totally recommend that you climb the hill for the spectacular view of the beach from above. It really is an unforgettable experience.

View of taxi boat on Milos Beach water Lefkada

Great For Families, Friends & Lovers

Milos has become easier to access and available to literally everyone – including families with small children, friends, family, lovers, and the elderly.

In actuality, Lefkada is planning to build more infrastructure to make a trip to Milos Beach even more accessible.

Still, compared to a couple years ago when the beach was almost impossible to access, now there are two relatively simple options that will get you there.

View of Milos Beach from Milos Beach Poseidon Hotel

Important Things To Know Before You Go

  • As mentioned, there are no places to grab a bite or to get a beverage while you are there. There are however people walking the beach who sell beverages, so you can always flag them down if need be.
  • There aren’t any sun beds or umbrellas available at Milos Beach Lefkada, so bringing your own is definitely advisable.
  • It’s advised to wear comfortable shoes if you are planning to walk up the hill.
  • It’s dangerous to set up shop at the base of the hill, so be sure to find your sunny spot elsewhere.

Boat view on water at Milos Beach Lefkada

Whichever you choose, don’t let yourself miss out on the opportunity to see this gem in Lefkada. It’s an adventure everyone should experience!

And if you’re planning to see more of Greece, here’s a handy itinerary for Satorini, a gorgeous island in the Aegean Sea.

Image credit: Milos Paradise Villas, Drink Tea & Travel, Your Greek Island, Oliver’s Travels, Foap, Quote Master

This blog was guest written by Nadica Metuleva and edited by Helena Lorimer

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