Photography: A Cape Town Summer Wedding

This international couple celebrated their love on one of Cape Town’s infamous summer days.

In December 2017, international couple, Tristan Barett and Dave Gadd celebrated their love at a Cape Town summer wedding venue.

I met Tristan as a teenager with mutual friends, but it was only later that our shared sense of wanderlust brought us to an amazing friendship as we met up in South Korea whilst both teaching English.

Cape Town wedding photography 02

Dave, an extremely laid back, thoughtful, and fun Canadian guy too taught English in South Korea—which is where these two love birds met.

Cape Town wedding photography 03

Now, this inspiring pair are conquering all sorts of cool things together, like furthering their studies & traveling the world.

But before embarking on their latest journey in China, they celebrated their cheesy, gooey love for one another on one of Cape Town‘s gorgeous venues, Welbeloond. With family and friends, everyone simply shone during this Cape Town summer wedding. The whole day was outstandingly beautiful, and will soon not be forgotten!

Cape Town wedding photography 05Cape Town wedding photography 08Cape Town wedding photography 06Cape Town wedding photography 01Cape Town wedding photography 04

Sending all my love and good vibes to these two, and I’ll see you guys somewhere cool super soon!

Photo credit: Helena Lorimer, Duncan Totman

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