10 Life-Changing Trips That’re Good For The Soul

Life is often a constant battle of finding interesting things to do. Surely you can attest to the fact that you’ve found yourself being completely bored and uninspired at one point in your short existence?

And while finding the motivation to plan a trip is sometimes hard—finding friends to go with, accommodation, transport etc. technology has made it a hell of a lot easier to get stuff done. (think MegaBus, Uber, AirBbnb).

So, herewith—10 trips, most of which you could probably take in your own city/hometown, that you simply need to experience once in your life.

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 000

10. Road Trip

Granted, a road trip is more exciting when you’ve got a group of friends, a bestie, or even family that you feel is fun to travel with, but hypothetically, let’s say you don’t have anyone to go with… BlaBlaCar my friend!

Sure you may end up with someone you don’t particularly find that interesting, but hey—it’ll be an experience nonetheless, right? I took a BlaBlaCar from Seville to Madrid and managed to have a cool Irish chick riding with me! See some sights, do a trip and end up in a cool destination!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 4

9. Mountain Trip

If you’ve got a mountain in your city, you’re all sorted. And if you’re not one for hiking (me neither), find an option that includes a cable car! I adore going up Table Mountain every time I’m in Cape Town! And even though it’s impossible to camp up there, it’s still a scenic trip!

The best part? You’ll get some amazing views (and pics for Instagram), and you’ll breathe in the fresh mountain air! Win – win!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 6

 8. Backpacking Trip

Go somewhere unknown with a backpack—those are the only rules when it comes to backpacking! Jump to your closest (or furthest) city and see some new stuff! If you’re lucky enough, you can visit one or several new countries whilst living out of a small bag.

Additionally, a backpacking trip isn’t complete without a dodgy hostel where you’ll meet all sorts of cool travelers! No friends to go with you? Sorted!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 3

7. Camping Trip

There’s a camping trip…then there’s a camping trip! Whether you’re the type to climb, trek, rock climb etc. or one that enjoys a boozy camping trip with friends, either will be a cool experience!

And yes, there probably will be mosquitos, maybe wild animals, a lack of toilet facilities, but try it! If it’s not your cup of tea, it’s just another experience ticked off the list!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 1

6. Soulful Trip

Yoga, meditation, being a hipster and a vegan—it’s what all the cool kids are doing! But you don’t need to cut meat out of your life or dress in super tight jeans to enjoy the benefits of a soulful trip.

In fact, meditating has an endless list of positive effects on one’s mental and physical health. Find somewhere quiet, and get your good vibes on!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 10

5. Snow Trip

You’re correct, it doesn’t snow in all parts of the world! So for those who enjoy (or despise) the snowy season, get your snow boots and gloves out and enjoy the cool, crisp air in the midst of a winter wonderland.

No, you don’t need to freeze for an entire weekend! Even a day trip to see some cool, snowy sights will be a treat for the eyes and your social media.

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 5

 4. Big City Trip

Where ever you live, there has to be one main focal point where all the hip and trendy stuff goes down! You know, where you might see tall, beautiful buildings, or maybe several shops, restaurants, and bars.

Where ever that might be, being in the hustle and bustle of the city will do one of two things: make you appreciate the quiet life even more, or fill your heart with sheer excitement and wanderlust!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 8

3. Beach Trip

If you’re like me, you love the beach mainly at a distance. A cool vacation spot with a view is what I live for…tanning on a crowded beach is not.

But whatever type of beach person you are, enjoying the sunshine, feeling the salt water on your skin, and seeing nature in its purest form is something that many people find extremely comforting.

If you have a beach in your city, take advantage of what it has to offer!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 7

2. Las Vegas Trip

Las Vegas, to me, is a fairytale place that only exists in films. But that is because I don’t live, nor have I ever been to, the United States!

But a trip to sin city with the gals or the guys? Sounds like a pretty epic time to me! If you live in the vicinity—go wild! If you don’t and you’re traveling far to be there, go even wilder! Las Vegas is totally dream-worthy when it comes to taking a trip!

10 Life-Changing Trips Girl Gone 2

1. Lake Trip

There’s something so calming about lakes. It is, yet again, one of nature’s most beautiful pieces and provides such a feeling of serenity and calm. Heck, you could even have your soulful trip whilst at the lake…two birds, one stone!

Jokes aside, I urge you to take the time and visit a beautiful lake, be it near or far. I’m sure you’ll have a totally amazing experience!

Girl Gone Lake

If you’re planning to take any of these 10 trips in the near future,  let me know! Better yet, post something about it! We could all do with a little more inspiration in our every day lives!

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