Travel Smart: The Most Budget-Friendly Hotel Sites Today

Finding that cheap flight is one thing… securing budget-friendly accommodation is another.

You know that feeling you get when you find a really cheap flight? The adrenaline kicks in, your heart beats furiously and you immediately run to get your bank card details in order to book your next trip.

Realistically however, finding that cheap flight is only the tip of the iceberg…what comes next is organising budget-friendly accommodation.
Now if you’re a budget traveler, you may just opt for hostels each and every time that you travel—and that’s great! It’s a cheap and easy way in which to move around and to meet likeminded and adventurous travellers, such as yourself.

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But some may agree that the older they get, the more they would like to enjoy their privacy with their own bed and own bathroom whilst on the move. Others may admit that enjoy to live more of a luxurious life from time to time.

Whatever you fancy, here’s a list of budget-friendly hotel databases that’ll make traveling that much easier for you… as well as the sites you shouldn’t waste your time and money on.

While seemed to be lacking in efficiency a few years prior, today it has proven to be the most reliable website when it comes to finding a large database of hostels and hotels, as well as a wide variety of cheap options. This is particularly true if you’re looking at visiting Paris, Buenos Aires, and Sydney.

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For an Asian getaway, Agoda topped the scales for the best and most extensive accommodation at reasonable prices.


Not only a search engine for flights, Expedia is also a useful tool to use for places to stay. It works with the same database as Orbitz but as it turns out, the latter tends to be more expensive than simply using Expedia.

Priceline and Hotwire

The up-side to Priceline and Hotwire is that you can get some top hotels at reasonable prices (sometimes up to 40% off)…the down-side however, is that it may involve a bit of blind booking or bidding in order to secure a room.


Then of course, the latest craze and one of the biggest competitors today is Airbnb. This online marketplace and hospitality service has the ability to give anyone a ‘home away from home’ feel and to experience a new city like a local. On this platform, you can almost always find something within your budget, and you’ll enjoy (or not, whatever you’re into) more social interaction as opposed to being alone in a hotel room.

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Avoid Trivago, as it tends to be misleading with its prices and is slightly difficult to navigate.

Tips to Booking a Cheap Hotel

Book Directly on the Hotel Website

This is a nifty trick if you’re going to globally recognised hotels, such as the Hilton, as they usually have the cheapest prices. If they don’t, they generally price match other deals that you’ve found. Additionally, many of these chains have loyalty points that definitely tend to add up.

Call the Hotel

By calling, you can find out quickly and effortlessly about deals, bargains and best times to book.


Anyone can become a member of associations such as AAA and AARP which give their members travel benefits and deals.

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Gift Cards

Take a look at Gift Card Granny for hotel gift card discounts.


Roomer is for those who have booked a room but are unable to use it for some or other reason. Thus, you can buy the room off them for a cheaper price.

Additional Tips

While many people spend days or weeks checking hotel prices hoping for them to drop, this is not something that happens regularly. The price of a hotel room hardly fluctuates, and when it does it is usually only due to a change in season. Don’t waste too much time on finding a room.

And with that, I wish you budget-friendly travels and lots of smiles, whether you’re off to Santorini,Barcelona, Seoul, Cape Town, or any other magical city in the world.

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