Review: Bella Cosa—Italian Restaurant, London

Michelin-trained Chef, Kentaro Torii, will wow you with his beautifully prepared dishes.

I decided to visit Bella Cosa in Canary Wharf, London, on a whim one afternoon—and I’m definitely glad that I did. The space, the staff, the food—I was given the complete royal treatment.

It was around 14:00 on a week day which meant that I had the ability to move around without bothering anyone, enjoy the scenery, and to take photographs. I arrived with my favourite Nikon camera in-tow, and my amateur iPhone photography props.

After a gander of the upstairs area, I sat down ready to order a cocktail. “What do you fancy?” the friendly waitress asked. “Surprise me,” I responded. And so, I was treated to the most delicious drink I may have ever tasted—the Aperol Spritz, a combination of Aperol, Prosecco and soda water. It was the perfect drink for a summery feel and an enjoyable start to a great afternoon.

I then decided to go for the set lunch menu which comprised of three courses for £29. My starter, the ‘caprese’ textures of tomato, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and 24-month aged parma ham VO, not only looked like a work of art, but was light and refreshing.

Bella Cosa Italian Restaurant London 7

My main, the slow braised veal cheek, fried polenta, pickled summer vegetables, and summer herbs, also had me moved by the impeccable design. It was almost too good to eat. But nevertheless, I devoured it slowly, and enjoyed every bite.

Bella Cosa Italian Restaurant London 1

Next up, the dessert. A tiramisu Bella Cosa, which had a delightful biscuit crunch along with a smooth creamy texture. Decorated beautifully with chocolate around the rim, I knew I was in for a treat.

Bella Cosa Italian Restaurant London 6

Overall, I recommend Bella Cosa for their incredibly lovely staff, their talented chef, stunning food presentation, and creative bursts of flavour that’ll awaken any palate. The restaurant itself is beautifully designed, there is a bright and peaceful sitting area with a fantastic view, and they allow for private events in their modern Wine Room.

Alternatively, if you’re craving something more along the lines of Greek food—you can head down to The Hungry Donkey in Shoreditch for some tasty and creative meals. Whatever you choose, do so in style.

All in-article photos are my own and are subject to copyright.

Feature image credit: Bella Cosa

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