10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love With Boracay Island, Philippines

The island of Boracay in The Philippines is nothing short of absolute paradise. 

And if you’re ever given the opportunity to visit this island I want you to, as cliché as it sounds, grab it with both hands!

I travelled here in 2014 and managed to book a stay at Marbella Luxury Apartments Boracay, one of the best hotels I have ever been to, at a relatively low price. Waking up every morning was bliss, and going to bed every night felt like magic. The view, the people, the everything.

So herewith, 10 reasons why you should consider Boracay Island as your next travel destination.

10. The Views

Contrary to popular belief, Boracay Island is actually quite big, but regardless of where you are, it’s almost impossible not to see the crystal clear blue water full of boats surrounded by palm trees. It sounds like an absolute dream? It really is.

Boracay Island Philippines Girl Gone

9. The Locals

I am not sure I have ever met people as genuinely wonderful as those who live in The Philippines. I had the opportunity to chat to a few locals about their experiences, and despite not having lots of money or possessions, they’re completely happy and content. They have beautiful family’s that they care about deeply, and they will go out of their way to help you.

What’s even better is that it’s evident they aren’t helping you in order to gain something, it’s simply because they want to.

8. The Parties

Fancy hanging out on the beach for an amazing bout of water sports, an impromptu photoshoot, or to see the sunset? Well, when you’re done with that, you’re on the doorstep of some of the most exhilarating night spots Boracay has to offer. Who needs a tiled floor at a bar/club when you could party with your feet in the sand?

7. The Water Sports

So many activities, so little time! Island hopping, helmet diving, parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat trips, kite boarding, paddle boating, sailing, free-diving, surfing, and wind surfing. And that’s just the activities in the water!

Boracay Island Girl Gone Water Sports

6. The Prices

Being in paradise is one thing, paying next to nothing to do so? Unbelievable. You can participate in a number of activities, eat out, party, get decent accommodation, and vacation without worries, as The Philippines in general is a super cheap country to visit.

5. The Fresh Fruits

An abundance of lush fruit can be found anywhere on the island, as well as fruit shakes. The beaches have small stands that make banana, mango, coconut, watermelon—you name it shakes, made with fresh fruits, for around a dollar!

Boracay Island Girl Gone Fruit Shake

4. Surrounding Beaches

There are nine surrounding beaches a short distance away from Boracay. Puka Beach, Ilig Iligan Beach, Bulabog Beach, Tambisaan Beach, White Beach, Diniwid Beach, Balinghai Beach, and Puntabunga Beach. And seven of them are a mere 1.5 km away!

3. Seafood

D’Talipapa, the seafood market on Boracay Island, has 23 different kinds of seafood. And the restaurants there are trained specifically in preparing it. Additionally, if there’s something specific that you fancy, you can bring your own seafood to a restaurant who can then prepare it for you.

Boracay Island Girl Gone Seafood

2. The Climate

The average yearly temperate is around 29 degrees celsius/89 fahrenheit—a summer enthusiasts dream! A cool breeze often accompanies the heat however, making it comfortable to move around without feeling like you’re going to pass out.

1. The Sunsets

Of course, the breathtaking sunsets top the list, as it is truly magical. On any given evening, you’ll see a sunset that will force you to either take 50 photographs, engage in introspection, or simply sit in awe.

Boracay Island Girl Gone Sunset

Having said that, I’ll leave you with this accurate and beautiful quote.

“Boracay’s sunset is a beautiful surprise every single day. I stayed there for 6 days and every day the colors were in different vibrant shades. It was as if the sunset goddesses were trying to outdo with each other with the sky’s palette,” – Lois Yasay

Side note: If these photos have given you motivation to book a beach holiday but you’re in or near Europe, I suggest seeing the stunning Santorini Island in Greece.

Feature image credit: @daveful

Picture credit: Travel with Cyril, Expedia, I Am Aileen, Buffalo Trip, I Dreamed of This

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