Review: Hungry Donkey—Greek Restaurant, London

A review of Greek restaurant, Hungry Donkey, in Shoreditch, London.

There’s nothing better than popping over to a decent spot for lunch during working hours, am I right? And is The Hungry Donkey a decent joint? Well, it ain’t half bad.

This Greek restaurant in Wentworth Street, can be found in the hipster-nest that is Shoreditch, East London. And they definitely get props for their creativity. Did I get a bowl of fries or did I get a bowl of fries with feta sprinkled on top? The latter, my friend…the latter!

Next, we gave their halloumi burger a go, as it was recommended to us by one of the owners. And while it looks absolutely fantastic, I would have rather gone for something more… beef-inspired. A cheese-lovers dream, though? Quite possibly.

Look, the place is cool enough, it’s actually a simple cafe-type place vibe run by two brothers. Will I eat there again? Yeah, sure. It was a chilled atmosphere with lots of natural light and a decent drinks menu. A win for Greek food, guys!

Feature image credit: BOEBOE

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